When the Story Began. The Chef and the Teller.

Our story began in Scotland during a casual an adventorous meeting between Max, the chef, and Giovanna, the storyteller. This is how they met!

The show was still on at the Italian Cultural Center in Edinburgh. The storyteller had just a few minutes off to chill out before the second act. Yet, in those few minutes everything happened. The chef run through the backstage, skipped the security and knocked to the door of the teller. “You and I – he said – we need to talk. There is a project we must do together”. The funny thing is that the teller kept calm. “Can we talk by the end of the show?” she said urging for a glass of water and a toilet stop.

This is how everything started. This is how the Italian Storytelling Center moved its very first step. That teller in Edinburgh was Giovanna Conforto. She is now the scientific director of the Italian Storytelling Center. That chef was Max Cameli, one of the patrons of the cultural association Academy Olmo in Portico di Romagna. The association now complements its training on Italian language and culture with storytelling events, workshops and training.

Since then, the family has widened. Local friends to set up the organization and international partners to spread the news and make it cutting edge. We tested a couple of workshops and now we are ready to present ourselves in this website, discuss with you on Facebook and lunch our first official workshop on Christmas Tales.

Our dear reader, welcome on board of the first Italian Storytelling Center.

Un abbraccio,
Giovanna, Max, Silvio, Ulla and… the larger family we belong to!

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